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What is a Fothergill Procedure?

It is a surgical treatment that restores regular support of the uterus with out removing the uterus. It is used usually in India for this reason. During this surgical operation, the general practitioner detaches the ligaments that assist the uterus and gets rid of the decrease a part of the cervix. The ligaments are then reattached to the uterus and the final a part of the cervix in a new vicinity. This will raise the uterus lower back into location. No mesh is used. If you had been still having menstrual periods earlier than the surgical operation, you'll retain to have them. Depending on your clinical records, you may maintain to want Pap checks.

When is that this surgical procedure used?

It is used to deal with prolapse of the uterus in case you want to keep the uterus in region.

You have to now not have this method if you plan to get pregnant any time within the future. You may want to have complications along with premature transport or the prolapse could recur after shipping. If you are nonetheless having intervals, communicate to your health practitioner about methods to prevent pregnancy.

What is a vaginal wall repair?

It is surgical treatment that restores ordinary aid to the vaginal partitions. The health care professional makes an incision (reduce) within the top or bottom vaginal wall and then stitches together the stronger tissues which are below the soft skin that strains the inside of the vagina. The pores and skin is then additionally repaired and stitched collectively. No synthetic mesh is utilized in vaginal wall restore surgical procedure. A graft made from animal tissue can be used in case you and your physician have mentioned this and made it a part of the plan to your surgery.

When is this surgery used?

An anterior vaginal wall repair is used to treat prolapse of the vaginal wall underneath the bladder, also referred to as a cystocele or dropped bladder. A posterior repair treats prolapse of the vaginal wall over the rectum, additionally called a rectocele. Your medical doctor will determine in case you need one or both vaginal partitions repaired. Sometimes this choice is first-rate made throughout surgery.

How do I put together for surgical operation?

  • 1. You will go back for a visit at considered one of our Preoperative Clinics 2-3 weeks earlier than your surgical procedure. At this visit, you'll evaluate and signal the consent shape, get blood drawn for pre-op testing, and you may get an electrocardiogram (ECG) performed to look for signs of heart disease. You may also acquire extra specific training, consisting of whether you want to stop any of your medicines earlier than your surgical operation.
  • 2. You might also get preoperative evaluation out of your number one care health practitioner or heart specialist, mainly if you have heart ailment, lung disease, or diabetes. This is completed to make sure you're as healthy as possible before surgical operation.
  • 3. Quit smoking. Smokers may additionally have issue respiration at some point of the surgical operation and have a tendency to heal extra slowly after surgical treatment. If you are a smoker, it's miles high-quality to end 6-8 weeks earlier than surgery
  • 4. Be active. If you can, walk each day or do other sports you experience.

When will I pass home after surgery?

Most girls are able to pass domestic the equal day the surgical operation is accomplished. You may be scheduled to spend 1 night time inside the clinic when you have different medical issues or stay a ways away. Even if the plan turned into to move home the same day, depending on your situation at the end of surgical procedure, you could need to spend 1 night time inside the health center.