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Innuyir Kappom Thittam

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The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2016 report states that around 4,96,762 roads, railways, and railway crossing-related traffic collisions occurred in 2015. Among those cases, road collisions alone accounted for about 4,64,674 crashes, which caused 1,48,707 traffic-related deaths in India. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu hold the three highest total number of fatalities, and together they accounted for about 33% of total Indian traffic fatalities in 2015. In recent times these numbers have increased at a more significant rate.

To reduce this increasing number of road accident fatalities, the Tamil Nadu State government is set to enact an Emergency Medical Services Act (EMSA), which ensures essential medical care for all road accident victims, along with this the Health Department is also planning to set up a "Road Safety Authority" (RSA), a nodal body for monitoring the road safety. The authority will be comprising experts from the health, police, transport, highways and municipal administration department.

They will plan multiple innovative technological solutions to reduce the number of accidents based on the available statistics and scientific data. Two Bills for setting up the RSA and EMSA are likely to be passed in the Assembly in January 2022. Avoiding transportation delays and ensuring victims reach the hospital on time is the main objective of the act, and its other critical components are emergency response, rescue and resuscitation, damage control, early restoration of normal life, and rehabilitation.

"INNUYIR KAPPOM THITTAM" is a scheme that will save the precious lives of many people who are all dying of road accidents. Under this 'Innuyir Kappom Thittam' (precious life-saving plan), 81 designated treatment modalities as damage-control measures, costing up to 1 lakh per individual, will be provided to road-accident victims. Not just natives of Tamil Nadu, but even tourists, visitors from other States, and foreign nationals will be eligible for cashless treatment for the first 48 hours. A total of '50 crore has been earmarked for this for the first year.

Unittas Multispeciality hospital is very proud in joining hands with the government in serving road accident victims as a part of the Innuyir kappom Thittam scheme. Unittas Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital, and we offer a complete range of medical and surgical specialities under one roof, with highly experienced doctors, state-of-the-art infrastructure and diagnostic services, and all the specialists are full-time representatives of the medical clinic; henceforth, outpatient administrations are accessible on every single working days. We have specialists in the places of clinical and careful enlistment centres, junior and senior recorders, and junior and senior occupants, in this way offering 24 hours inclusion in regions, for example, Casualty, Wards, Intensive Care Units and Post Op recuperation zones. Any grumblings in the odd hours are first gone to by the occupant specialists, and, contingent on the case, the separate experts are brought in to take care of the patients. We are currently operating in 2 major parts of Chennai city-Tambaram & Kelambakkam locations.In case of any emergencies reach us at: 044-4012 4012/+91 8072046626